Team Newsletter Term 1 

Please note that Superheroes 'Meet the Parent' evening is Wednesday 17th February.

4th February, 2016
Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome back to the new school year.  We hope you have enjoyed spending time with your families over the Christmas break.  A special welcome to new families to our school.

This year the Papatuanuku Team, Year 1 – 3, includes :
Room 3    Robin Baker/ Sandi Baldwin Year 1
Room 4 Fiona Hunter Year 1
Room 5    Kelly Campbell    Year 1
Room 8   Kerri Satherley/ Mel Hagan Year 2
Room 9 Ebony Maaka Year 2-3 Team Leader
Room 10   Stephen Baker Year 3
Admin     James Rea DP, Team Leader
Joining us in term 2 and 3
Room 2 Nicole Wilde-Wilson Year 0-1
Room 1 Carolyn Dodd Year 0

Our inquiry this term has a health focus, developing the ecology of the classroom and positive relationships in the class and wider school. A fun day of collaborative activities has been planned to strengthen buddy class and school wide co-operation. Other class activities and lessons have been planned to support this learning throughout the term.

Sun Safety
With term one being the hottest term and having the highest UV danger, we would expect all children coming to school with sunscreen on and sunsmart clothing. Spaghetti straps and singlets do not offer enough protection, so are not encouraged. Sunscreen top up stations will be available throughout the day. Children also need to find their Russell Street hats to wear while outside or purchase a new one from the school office.

Brain Food
As well as a healthy lunch, please ensure your child comes to school with at least two pieces of brain food each day.  This could be unsalted popcorn, raw nuts or seeds, fruit, and/or vegetables. Children will also need to bring along a named, drink bottle of water to remain hydrated during the hot summer months.

Home Reading
Your support in developing and supporting reading habits and progress are essential in the first years at school. Please check your child’s book bag each night and have them read to you. Parent reading tips are listed in the reading logs and are well worth noting.

Swimming & Sports
Class swimming begins in week 1. This is an integral part of our Term 1 PE programme and children need to come to school with their togs and towel in a separate bag, see class blogs for swimming times.  Equally, having appropriate footwear and clothing for ‘Catch Me If You Can’ sessions. Each class will have planned at least two sessions per week - ask your classroom teacher if your child is unsure of which days these are.  If for some reason your child is unable to take part, please send a note to the class teacher. It is recommended that you name your child’s swimming gear and clothes as they often do not recognise it if it is left in the changing shed.  

Te Reo Māori
This term the School focus for Te Reo Māori is “Ko au me taku whānau” – Me and my family! Children will be learning words in Māori like māmā (Mum) and pāpā (Dad) and displaying them on a family tree. Each class will explore this in their own way. Therefore, be prepared for your child to ask questions about their family history.
Kapa Haka – This year, Kapa Haka will start in Week 3 on a Monday, and we have made a couple of changes to the group because of the overwhelming response from children and whānau to join.  Therefore, we have decided to split the group into a junior and senior Kapa Haka. Rosie will run a junior Kapa Haka (Yrs 0-3) on Mondays from 1.10pm  – 1.25pm (if Nic is available he may join us too) and the Seniors (Yrs 4-6) on Mondays from 2pm – 2.55pm. All whānau are welcome to come and support.

Class Websites
Each class has a blog where we will share our learning with you.  We would love your involvement in this throughout the year.  We love receiving comments, so check them out by following the link on the school side bar.
This year each student will also have their own seesaw portfolio where they will share their ‘Evidence of Learning’ throughout the year.  You can keep up to date and give feedback by downloading the parent app.

Other Information
If your child is absent from school for any unforeseen reason can you please let the office know as soon as possible.  If you know your child will have a planned, approved absence can you let the teacher know prior to that date.  
Children should arrive at school between 8:30 and 8:55am. Any children arriving before 8:30am must remain in the playground area as classrooms may not be open or supervised. Children arriving after 8.55am need to report to the office so the attendance register can be updated.
Each child has a reading book bag as part of their stationery. Please help us look after school resources and insist your children use this to transport books and notices to and from school.

The Papatuanuku Team look forward to working alongside you and your child this year.  Please ask your class teacher if you have any questions or concerns.  We look forward to another successful year and catching up at the Meet the Parent evening on Monday February 15.

Nga mihi nui,

James, Ebony, Kelly, Fiona, Mel, Kerri, Sandi, Robin and Stephen.

Superheroes - Letter #1

1st February 2016

Welcome to Superheroes- Letter #1

Dear Parents / Caregivers

Welcome to 2016.  
Fiona and Kelly will be teaching collaboratively in Superheroes during 2016.  Experience has proven that we can offer the best education for our students when a collaborative teaching approach is employed.  It is our intention in Superheroes, to utilise our teaching strengths to best meet the needs of our learners.  We are excited to be working together, but we are even more excited to be watching your children flourish in 2016 as we plan and teach to meet their diverse needs.    

For learning to be truly personalised, it must be increasingly led by the student.  We are encouraging our youngest RSS children to make decisions about their learning daily.  For you to help at home, we have inserted into their book bag a ‘Reading at Home Together’ information sheet, their first reading words ‘Pirate Words’ and an alphabet sounds chart.

Today we have read with every child.  In their book bag you will find the book they read with us.  It is essential for this book to be re read at home.  The yellow, ‘My Home Reading Book’ is for you to record their home reading.  There is also a space for you to leave an encouraging comment.

To develop a sense of community within our classroom we will be having a shared and rolling brain food programme within the morning.  Fruit is a great option for this healthy snack.  

Art inspires us to be creative and therefore it will play a major role in our classroom.  To protect your child’s clothing we would appreciate an old shirt being brought to school for use as an art shirt.

Our classroom will be a very busy place and there will be times when we will be looking for an extra set of hands.  Please email us with times when you may be available and also let us know if you have any strengths and/or things that you are passionate about that you would like to share with the Superheroes.  

We have a class blog where we will share our learning with you.  We would love your involvement in this throughout the year.  Please post us comments as this is very motivating for the children.  Our blog link is .  This year, each student will also have their own Seesaw portfolio where they will share their ‘Evidence of Learning’.  We will give you more information about this shortly.  
Swimming starts this week and our swimming time is 2.20 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  On most days one of us will be in the pool swimming with the children.  To make the most of our swimming time we encourage you to collect your children from the pool area at 3.00 p.m.  
Music with Jenny Boyack commences next week.  Just another part of the exciting programme we offer at RSS.  

As you know, learning is a partnership, so if you would like to discuss your child’s learning, we would love to hear from you.  Please do not hesitate to approach us to make an appointment.

Kind Regards

Fiona and Kelly  

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