Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Take a look at what the Superheroes have been up to:

We have been participating in PMP.  This helps us with us with all areas of learning.  Did you know that using the eye tracker helps us with our reading and writing!  

We loved Life Education with Tim and Harold.  We learned all about how to be a kind friend.  We now know we don't have to stay with the same people every lunch time and instead have lots of friends to play with.   We learned about loving ourselves because we are special.
We wrote Harold and Tim thank you letters and gave them some chocolate kisses when they left. 

Rashid and Ryley say:  My favourite part of this term was writing because we get to use our creative ideas.  We can write about lots of different things and write to people.

We all experienced a very busy and exciting Athletics Day.  Before this day we learned how to run, jump, and throw with different teaching in our Papatuanuku Team.  It was nice to get to know other teachers at RSS.

This is Ella's picture and recording found on Seesaw to explain what she needs to prepare for Athletic's Day.  We are learning to take responsibility for packing our bag for events like Athletic's Day. 

After the earthquake we did a lot of learning through talking, reading, writing and acting act about how to keep safe in an earthquake.

Since we are now amazing readers we love reading to an audience just like a teacher. We are all very proud of ourselves.

We have been learning to show integrity - doing the right thing when no one is watching. 
This week to show what we have we have made Puppet Pals all by ourselves to present an example of what we have learned.  


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