Monday, 3 October 2016

TERM 3 2016

A snippet of what we have been up to this term:

  • We have been working very hard to create our calendar art masterpieces.  While creating our art we all have developed our fine motor skills by carefully cutting, gluing and outlining our foreground. 

  • Gymnastics. We learned many fundamental gymnastics skills including, Core movements, balance positions and dish and pencil rolls. 

  • We love writing. We have published many amazing pieces of writing.

  • Many of the Superheroes are experts at using the alphabet sounds in both reading and writing. They are motivated to learn more!!!  These children have taken digraphs and blends and self-directed their own learning with these.  

  • We have been learning to show excellence.  Every morning this term we start our day with our whakatauki and discuss ideas of how to show excellence in everything we do.

  • Understanding the difference between what is sold at a Market and at a Supermarket was a challenging concept.  After lots of brainstorming we have decided to make and sell GADGETS! The children have done drawn and labeled two draft designs and are excited to create their gadgets next term.

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  1. Wow! What a busy Term 3! I have really enjoyed reading your post to see what you have all been learning. Your calendar art is AMAZING! Wow! What a lot of perseverance you must have shown to complete those! I am sure that your families will love seeing those on your calendars next year!