Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Can you believe our first year at school is nearly over?  

This term we have started something new.  It's called CLICK.  Fiona and Kelly visited a school in Christchurch were the children participate in a programme called CHILL (children independently leading learning).  The programme starts at 8.30 a.m. and as the children arrive at school they begin the day with CHILL.  A variety of activities are provided to help engage and settle children.  

So there starts CLICK - Connecting, Living, Investigating, Creating Kids.  Our programme begins at 8.30 a.m. and we ask parents to help settle their children into an activity before they leave.  We have some parent helpers and we would love even more.  But for the time being it is great.  We are loving it and so are the children.  We try to follow interests while selecting activities for our board.  

The carpentry table is always popular with boys and girls ...

Zu loves cleaning windows, so we decided to clean cars - LIVING in CLICK) and room 1 were keen to join the CLICK programme ...

We wonder who is getting a free car clean tomorrow?

This week we have had focus on dogs.  This was prompted by a need to motivate writing with a mentor text.  Great to see 'Murray Gadd's writing PD' still at the fore.  To help us out, Rachelle brought her two gorgeous labs to school and we made connections during CLICK.     

We read about dogs during CLICK ...

And we drew dogs during CLICK ...

Market day is coming up.  We have been 'designing and developing' gadgets and we are now looking forward to marketing and selling our product.  We have not decided what charity to donate to yet.

Here is Aiden's gadget ...

just push the ice cream button and that's right - INSTANT ICE CREAM in a cone!

Ella's gadget has a power button and speakers.  She likes listening to music on her gadget.  

And in maths our children continue to impress.  Ever asked a 5 year old to problem solve?  Some of them are counting on and they are good at it too ...

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  1. WOW! So much AWESOME learning taking place in the Superheroes! You are making me want to be 5 again! I love the sound of CLICK! I am going to have to come and join in one morning soon.
    Thanks for all of your wonderful sharing. (And I can't wait for Market Day to see your gadgets! I wonder if I could buy a gadget that would get me to England in a jiffy!)