Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Yesterday we had a look at this picture ...

We broke into small groups and discussed what we think we know ...
  • The moon is yellow like cheese
  • It has holes in it
  • It looks like a sun
  • It is bouncy like a balloon
  • People go to the moon (Mickey Mouse went to outer space and landed on the moon)
  • It has sea
  • You have to wear a spacesuit on the moon and everything floats, so you have to wear a helmet (if you  bump into something your helmet will protect you and if you have your helmet on you won’t smell the cheese)
  • Nothing is heavy, so nothing lives on the moon
  • The moon is in the sky at night time and during the day it goes in a box
  • Maybe there are 3 moons in the sky
  • The moon is in 3 pieces and at night they all come together and make one big moon
  • In summer it is like a crescent - a half moon
  • The moon is always a circle
  • When it is morning, the stars are still there but you can not see them.  
  • Maybe the clouds cover the stars and the blue sky too
  • Sometimes you can see the moon in the afternoon
  • It is a moon
  • It is round like a circle 
  • Comes out at night
  • Sometimes it can be a half circle
  • Looks like a pancake 
  • It is up with the stars too
  • In the sky
  • It is not a real head but like a head
  • Sometimes we see it at day time
  • We think that there are people living on the moon
  • It is the moon
  • Comes out at night time
  • The moon is a planet, because there have been people on the moon
  • People on the moon are called astronauts
  • The earth spins around slowly and the moon and the sun are on opposite sides
Here are some questions we have ...

  • Does the moon look kind of black and yellow?
  • Does it have grass on it?  Is it like earth?  
  • Can someone go fishing off the moon?  We can go fishing on the moon, because we can put our rod into one of the holes
  • Why can’t you see the stars during the day?
  • Are there aliens on the moon?
  • Why does the moon come out at night and the day time?
  • Why does it change shape?
  • Does the moon move?
  • What is the moon made from?
  • Is there cheese on the moon?
  • Can we go to the moon?
  • Are the little holes on the moon the alien’s homes?
  • What would happen if there was no moon?
  • Does the moon hit the Earth?
  • Are there roads on the moon and food?
  • Are there people living on the moon?
  • Are there rocks on the moon?
  • Is this an asteroid?
  • Is this is a robot?
  • Is this Mars? What is it called?
  • Why does the sun go down?
  • Does the sun go down into the water?
  • Is the moon a star that explodes?
  • Is this planet golden?

Can you help us answer our questions?

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