Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Room 5 Superheroes did some very interesting Science learning with Joy during Buddy Class.

We were amazed! We are so intrigued that we are going to show the rest of our class too.

We learnt all about our eyes!

Did you know that people who are colour blind see the colours green and red as the same colour?
They see them as a brown.

We learnt about different parts of our eyes like our retina and pupil.
When we covered our eye for 45seconds our pupil went really BIG. This is because our eye was in the dark and tried to find light.

We had an exciting discovery about how our brain and eyes communicate.  We coloured a fish in one bold colour and steered at it for 1 minute without blinking.   Straight after we looked into a plain empty fish bowl and what did we see.... ANOTHER FISH an opposite colour to our coloured-in fish.

Thank you so much Joy for sharing your creative and exciting science activities with us.

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