Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Day 3

We just keep doing more exciting things ...

Our rolling and shared brainfood is a treat.  We like helping ourselves from the carefully prepared fruit bowl.  We do this when we are hungry.  Sometimes Kelly and Fiona have to remind us to eat, because we are so busy having too much fun!  We use tongs to fill our bowls and we have cups for water too.  We are learning to take care of our belongings, so when we have finished we wash our dishes.  

We love being creative in 'Discovery'.  "Look at our tower!"

We started colouring in our poems and we liked helping each other to colour carefully.

Reading with Kelly is always fun. 

 Dontae likes creating on KidPix!

This is Nana J.  She is Kelly's mum and she comes to help us with Discovery whenever she can!  She loves helping us and we love her helping us too.  She helps at the art table, 

And she listens to us read, 


Parents - Don't forget to tell us when you can to help too!  We are a very busy class and if you can help out in 'Discovery' then Fiona and Kelly can help us even more with our learning.  

We have learned how to come to the mat and be ready for learning.  We have a special song on our 'Song' page.  Click on the tab at the top of our blog.  

We did special Superhero maths today.  We are learning how to read graphs, while also counting and adding groups and knowing how many more!

We met the chickens!

And we got apples from the apple trees.   

This is Gordon and someone is bringing him home for the weekend!

Tom was very excited about seeing his father after school today.  He could not wait to tell him what a super day he'd had.  

We love school and we love being Superheroes!


  1. Hey, great work you guys. Especially like seeing the chickens home, it looks super cosy :-)

    1. Chickens at school! This was a new initiative this year. We are not only enjoying the chickens, but we're loving the apples from the apple trees which are located near the chickens. We have an awesome school.