Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Here is Matrix, Sonali and Lyric creating at the wood work table. They put their safety glasses on and carefully lined up their hammers.  Kelly and Fiona loved the way they helped each other. 

The Superheroes are learning to use the computers and class blog.

Here is Aiden making a Superheroes poster!  I wonder where is going to display it!

We have been learning to write the letters 's' and 'a' this week. Jolsna has been very focussed when forming her letters.

Papatuanuku - Junior Team had a Hui today.  All the children who had their birthdays in the holidays got to stand up and blow the candles out! 

This is the way we sit and listen in assembly...

In Maths today we found out that plums are the most popular fruit.  

We learnt how to get ready to go swimming. Brianna is all set to go!

We all showed Kelly and Fiona how we can get in the pool this afternoon.

Some of us blew bubbles!!

And some of us collected rings from the bottom of the pool.  We are all little Superhero fish.

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