Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Take a look at what the Superheroes have been up to:

We have been participating in PMP.  This helps us with us with all areas of learning.  Did you know that using the eye tracker helps us with our reading and writing!  

We loved Life Education with Tim and Harold.  We learned all about how to be a kind friend.  We now know we don't have to stay with the same people every lunch time and instead have lots of friends to play with.   We learned about loving ourselves because we are special.
We wrote Harold and Tim thank you letters and gave them some chocolate kisses when they left. 

Rashid and Ryley say:  My favourite part of this term was writing because we get to use our creative ideas.  We can write about lots of different things and write to people.

We all experienced a very busy and exciting Athletics Day.  Before this day we learned how to run, jump, and throw with different teaching in our Papatuanuku Team.  It was nice to get to know other teachers at RSS.

This is Ella's picture and recording found on Seesaw to explain what she needs to prepare for Athletic's Day.  We are learning to take responsibility for packing our bag for events like Athletic's Day. 

After the earthquake we did a lot of learning through talking, reading, writing and acting act about how to keep safe in an earthquake.

Since we are now amazing readers we love reading to an audience just like a teacher. We are all very proud of ourselves.

We have been learning to show integrity - doing the right thing when no one is watching. 
This week to show what we have we have made Puppet Pals all by ourselves to present an example of what we have learned.  

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Can you believe our first year at school is nearly over?  

This term we have started something new.  It's called CLICK.  Fiona and Kelly visited a school in Christchurch were the children participate in a programme called CHILL (children independently leading learning).  The programme starts at 8.30 a.m. and as the children arrive at school they begin the day with CHILL.  A variety of activities are provided to help engage and settle children.  

So there starts CLICK - Connecting, Living, Investigating, Creating Kids.  Our programme begins at 8.30 a.m. and we ask parents to help settle their children into an activity before they leave.  We have some parent helpers and we would love even more.  But for the time being it is great.  We are loving it and so are the children.  We try to follow interests while selecting activities for our board.  

The carpentry table is always popular with boys and girls ...

Zu loves cleaning windows, so we decided to clean cars - LIVING in CLICK) and room 1 were keen to join the CLICK programme ...

We wonder who is getting a free car clean tomorrow?

This week we have had focus on dogs.  This was prompted by a need to motivate writing with a mentor text.  Great to see 'Murray Gadd's writing PD' still at the fore.  To help us out, Rachelle brought her two gorgeous labs to school and we made connections during CLICK.     

We read about dogs during CLICK ...

And we drew dogs during CLICK ...

Market day is coming up.  We have been 'designing and developing' gadgets and we are now looking forward to marketing and selling our product.  We have not decided what charity to donate to yet.

Here is Aiden's gadget ...

just push the ice cream button and that's right - INSTANT ICE CREAM in a cone!

Ella's gadget has a power button and speakers.  She likes listening to music on her gadget.  

And in maths our children continue to impress.  Ever asked a 5 year old to problem solve?  Some of them are counting on and they are good at it too ...

Monday, 3 October 2016

TERM 3 2016

A snippet of what we have been up to this term:

  • We have been working very hard to create our calendar art masterpieces.  While creating our art we all have developed our fine motor skills by carefully cutting, gluing and outlining our foreground. 

  • Gymnastics. We learned many fundamental gymnastics skills including, Core movements, balance positions and dish and pencil rolls. 

  • We love writing. We have published many amazing pieces of writing.

  • Many of the Superheroes are experts at using the alphabet sounds in both reading and writing. They are motivated to learn more!!!  These children have taken digraphs and blends and self-directed their own learning with these.  

  • We have been learning to show excellence.  Every morning this term we start our day with our whakatauki and discuss ideas of how to show excellence in everything we do.

  • Understanding the difference between what is sold at a Market and at a Supermarket was a challenging concept.  After lots of brainstorming we have decided to make and sell GADGETS! The children have done drawn and labeled two draft designs and are excited to create their gadgets next term.

Friday, 27 May 2016


Such a good looking bunch in our Superhero costumes. 


Thank you to Brainbusters and Room 4 for hosting a great assembly on Friday.  If you missed it you see some of the action below.  

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Yesterday we had a look at this picture ...

We broke into small groups and discussed what we think we know ...
  • The moon is yellow like cheese
  • It has holes in it
  • It looks like a sun
  • It is bouncy like a balloon
  • People go to the moon (Mickey Mouse went to outer space and landed on the moon)
  • It has sea
  • You have to wear a spacesuit on the moon and everything floats, so you have to wear a helmet (if you  bump into something your helmet will protect you and if you have your helmet on you won’t smell the cheese)
  • Nothing is heavy, so nothing lives on the moon
  • The moon is in the sky at night time and during the day it goes in a box
  • Maybe there are 3 moons in the sky
  • The moon is in 3 pieces and at night they all come together and make one big moon
  • In summer it is like a crescent - a half moon
  • The moon is always a circle
  • When it is morning, the stars are still there but you can not see them.  
  • Maybe the clouds cover the stars and the blue sky too
  • Sometimes you can see the moon in the afternoon
  • It is a moon
  • It is round like a circle 
  • Comes out at night
  • Sometimes it can be a half circle
  • Looks like a pancake 
  • It is up with the stars too
  • In the sky
  • It is not a real head but like a head
  • Sometimes we see it at day time
  • We think that there are people living on the moon
  • It is the moon
  • Comes out at night time
  • The moon is a planet, because there have been people on the moon
  • People on the moon are called astronauts
  • The earth spins around slowly and the moon and the sun are on opposite sides
Here are some questions we have ...

  • Does the moon look kind of black and yellow?
  • Does it have grass on it?  Is it like earth?  
  • Can someone go fishing off the moon?  We can go fishing on the moon, because we can put our rod into one of the holes
  • Why can’t you see the stars during the day?
  • Are there aliens on the moon?
  • Why does the moon come out at night and the day time?
  • Why does it change shape?
  • Does the moon move?
  • What is the moon made from?
  • Is there cheese on the moon?
  • Can we go to the moon?
  • Are the little holes on the moon the alien’s homes?
  • What would happen if there was no moon?
  • Does the moon hit the Earth?
  • Are there roads on the moon and food?
  • Are there people living on the moon?
  • Are there rocks on the moon?
  • Is this an asteroid?
  • Is this is a robot?
  • Is this Mars? What is it called?
  • Why does the sun go down?
  • Does the sun go down into the water?
  • Is the moon a star that explodes?
  • Is this planet golden?

Can you help us answer our questions?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Our value this term is 'kawenga' (responsibility).  We have begun to have discussions about this value and it has been fantastic to see our learners taking responsibility for their learning during literacy time.  They do not look like they have just had 2 weeks of holiday.